Zoom on the events and actions for peace

Zoom on the events and actions for peace

Zoom on the events and actions for peace

In the field of peace conservation, a series of events happened one after the other, several actions were undertaken by a large number of people, in collaboration with some organizations. The associations have been in charge of peacekeeping all over the world. In fact, they are completely devoted in the effort so as to maintain peace as long as possible.

If we talk about personalities who do work for peace, Prem Rawat is among them. He is involved with transmitting peace messages all over the world so that everyone could find the way to peace.

Furthermore, his enthusiasm led him to set up the Prem Rawat Foundation or the TPRF, whose function consists of carrying out humanitarian actions. To get further updates on the events and actions for peace, follow this article and know more about these.

Zoom on events and actions for peace

Action to preserve peace

Such is the tool used by the United Nations in peacekeeping effort and conflict avoidance activities. With the UNO, this tool was initiated by the security council of the general secretary and got the approval of the member states and some regional organizations.

Member countries of the UNO have a common goal, which deals with peace conservation and they partake in mutual activities, which aim at achieving their objective. In fact, the peacekeeping effort focuses on revamping the global political engagement while giving the privilege to peace. 140 countries and 3 international organizations signed the treaty and they are ready to engage in a common objective.

Struggle against terrorism

Terrorism acts is one of the major threats to peace. It traumatizes humanity and wreaks havoc to the world. A large number of organizations come into play to put an end to the acts of terrorism. To fight against terrorism, militaries of the UNO, NATO, international legionnaires and other forces are deployed into the battle field to restore peace.

That was the case of Libya, Syria, Yemen as well as Nigeria to crack down on Boko Haram. Since the emergence of terrorism, the international organizations work day and night to tackle the problem.

Different kinds of peace summits and peace conferences

To maintain and promote peace, many conferences were held in order to collect propositions on how to reach those goals. These mainly concern any ideas in favor global harmony and coherence. The Forum of Paris on peace or " Forum de Paris sur la paix " was held in Paris in November 2018. It was supported by member countries of the " Organisation internationale de la Francophonie " in order to put more emphasis on peace-keeping effort.

On September 24, 2018, New York hosted the Nelson Mandela peace summit or " Sommet de la paix " organized by Nelson Mandela. The summit was the UNO. Its main objective was to make the country appropriate for the population.

Apart from that, there was the Élysée Summit for peace or " Sommet de l'Élysée pour la paix ", as well as " La sécurité en Afrique " or Safety in Africa, which was held on December 6 and 7, 2013, which contributed to the effort in parting African countries with knowledge about peace, and finding solutions to end conflicts.